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Bay Group has enormous contributions to the socio-economic sectors of Bangladesh. Schools, Colleges, Hospitals, Charitable organizations are some of the initiatives to rural and less developed areas of Bangladesh. As a responsible Company, Bay Group of Industries believes that the business has a significant role to play in helping society to achieve the necessary sustainable balance of economic growth, environmental protection and social progress. The CSR Activities of Bay Group of Industries has reached to a good number of Districts, Upazilas (Sub-districts) and various underdeveloped areas of the country. We also work with numerous renowned national and international philanthropic organizations, to carry out our charitable endeavours in Bangladesh.


Formosa Foundation Trust: -



Formosa Foundation Trust is a non-profit organization of Bay group which established in 2021 with a view to provide education to the underprivileged population by building institutions of higher and modern standard, rehabilitation and treatment for the physically and mentally challenged population of the country, reduction of poverty, etc.



Chairman          :  Mr. Ziaur Rahman.


Vice Chairman  :  Ms. Sanjida Rahman.



Glimpse of some CSR activities of Bay group: -

Bay Group worked with Ms. Saima Wazed (Chairperson, Bangladesh National Advisory Committee for Autism and Neurodevelopmental Disorders, and Chief Advisor, for National Mental Health Strategic Plan Working Group & Chairperson, Shuchona Foundation. 


Bay Group & Bay Footwear Ltd. Management with Ms. Saima Wazed at Bay Footwear Ltd. premises



Bay Footwear Ltd.  & Stella International Ltd.  (joint venture partner of Bay Footwear Ltd.) engaged with “Centro Ann Sullivan del Perú” (CASP), a non-profit organization based in Lima, Perú that provides services to individuals with a wide range of developmental disabilities including autism and Down syndrome, as well as their families, for Professional Consulting and Training to train and engage “employment specialists” who will provide holistic support to individuals with NDDS in order to make them employable for mainstream jobs.