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Engr. Motaher Hossain

Technical Advisor

Motaher Hossain (Former Additional Director General of Bangladesh Water Development Board) has been at the forefront of leading the company into the new era contributing significantly to better systems, processes and better product delivery & keeping pace with the newer construction technologies. As a good technical advisor should not solely focus on the technical aspects of a project, but also balance this with a sound commercial mindset. He conforms optimized design and specification with cost effectiveness or commercially feasible manufacture or install.

As a technical advisors he provides robust advice balancing elements of technical design, contracts, timescales, cost, market and supply chain considerations, among others. He can guide right contracting strategy for a specific client and project can have a significant positive effect on a project’s success beyond what the purely technical elements can achieve. He works for achieving a balance between market conditions, owner needs and lender needs. He has strong track records developing innovative Engineering solutions to a lot of construction works in Brahmaputra & Ganges, Dredging Projects, Jetty design, Closers and High rise and Special Building like Grand Sultan Tea Resort & Golf and etc